The majority of people will make their largest financial investment in their lives when they buy a home.

By guiding you through the endless complexities and difficult decisions, a professional Mortgage Advisor can help you relax. Pinnacle Mortgage Advisors also provide an added benefit: because Pinnacle is a lender, not just a broker, your Advisor will be with you throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Pinnacle Mortgage can provide you with a Certified Pre-Approval, which will enable you qualify to bid on a specific property. If you need a loan quickly, we can help you with an Express Mortgage. We have a lot of experience working with self-employed borrowers. You’re also protected by our Lifetime Guarantee, which states that you can refinance at any time if interest rates fall.


    Mortgage Do

    • Do provide all requested information and documents quickly
    • Do keep your files current with the recent copies of your pay stubs and bank statements
    • Do continue to make all payments on credit cards, loans, and rental or mortgage accounts
    • Do keep your balances low on credit cards, even if you pay them off in full every month
    • Do realize your credit may be reviewed up to the closing date
    • Do use your personal checking account to write the earnest money check for your purchase
    • Do call your loan originator if you have any questions


    Mortgage Don’t

    • Don’t apply or take out new credit cards, auto loans, or other loans until after your closing date
    • Don’t make any unverifiable or undocumented deposits into your checking or savings accounts
    • Don’t pay off a collection or charge off account
    • Don’t close any credit card accounts
    • Don’t consolidate your debt onto 1 or 2 credit cards
    • Don’t transfer funds from your business account to your personal account
    • Don’t dispute anything on your credit report
    • Don’t quit your job or start a new company
    • Don’t take cash advances on credit cards

    Benefits of

    Buying New Home


    The interest is tax deductible


    You build equity as an investment


    The house will truly be your own